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Innovation Management

Purpose of this site

Task is to Create and Maintain KM-blog, (Knowledge Management
PLA-55106 2014) in our team-blog the course during.

Each team member has their own part of the area of Innovation Management. Subject for your own sub-pages have been created, which can work on his topic.

Benmessaoud Meidy   Innovation and creativity

Honkanen Marko         Process, product and service Innovation

Silvennoinen Mika       Definitions of innovation

Martola Markus           How to boost innovativeness in company

Discuss & brainstorm

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anonymous   (04.10.2021 17:55)

anonymous   (28.01.2016 00:07)

Okay, in the chili harvest has been gathered. Now we just expected end of the year so that the new seeds can be sown to grow in the autumn harvest produce.

Currently is the year of harvest time. I picked today from 8 different species chilis by increasing the bushes.
Welcome to look at the pictures on the Facebook pages, can be found in my name.

Kirjoita viestisi tähän...I would like to tell my hobby, which is the chillies growing, here in the north in Finland.

Extra question, do you like chilli?

Yes, good idea.

@Team3 Can we do new page for literature and reference? That way we can find all good references in same place.

For some reason I can not open the editor with my own user name Marko the 1st. So far I use the Team 3 account, until I get the problem fixed.
I can comment on my own Marko the 1st user account, but editing the pages will not work. I use the editing Team3 user account until the problem is corrected.

@mitasilv -Good idea. I put a partition image to your book. In addition, the connector book's ISBN code, this will facilitate the discovery of the right work. What do you think if we put the sources of images, even in the homepage?

Have I understood correctly? Blog writing is an opinion. It is not a thesis, it is not lessons or is not a summary book.

Let's use this chat for general discussion!! If someone finds a good reference to our topics, please post it here.

Ok, now I have an account, Marko the 1st. Heh, simple Marko was already in use

This was an anonymous Marko
anonymous   (15.09.2014 13:33)

As you can see, here to write a comment without login. Then just commented anonymously
anonymous   (15.09.2014 13:32)